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Brick assists in promoting new documentaries movies by Oliver Stone

Brick organized a meeting between high level members of the Mubadala Capital and the team of distinguished American director Oliver Stone to present the project of his new documentary film, which is anticipated to be released next year. Brick is exploring opportunities to help promote new documentaries by the academy award-winning writer/director, including assistance in finding sources of financing.

The ideas of respect for ideological and political diversity of our world, promoted in films by Oliver Stone, are very close to the values of the Brick company. The acceptance of alternative approaches and points of view is what works to build economic cooperation without limits.

On the eve of the meeting, the Brick team participated in the presentation of Oliver Stone’s new film “Nuclear Now” as part of COP-28. There was also a discussion of the film and the prospects for the development of the industry with the participation of nuclear-advocates and well-known influencers.


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