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Brick going global

Following the recent opening of our office in Abu Dhabi last June and as part of our expansion plans, on 15th of July 2020 Brick team got together with a group of important representatives of legal and business entities to discuss cooperation and future operation deals.

On the agenda we had the chance to discuss business actions towards India, Russia, China and Singapore.

It’s all part of our project of becoming a more integrated and global company able to act in all markets.

Besides our Brick team we had the pleasure to host:

  • Mr. Prashant Kumar, President, The Bar Association of India, Managing Partner of Trinaya Legal

  • Mr.Paurush Kumar, Partner, Head of International Practice at Trinaya Legal

  • Mr. Gunjit Purswani, Chairman of One Vision International, Singapore

  • Ms. Chamy Vu, Head of Department for International Development Of the the Association of Lawyers of Russia

Wait for more news! There is much more to come!


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